EBF Conference

On the 3rd and 4th of October 2019, the 11th edition of the EBF Conference will take place.

The EBF Conference is the largest economic and business conference of the Netherlands and attracts around 600 participants each year including students, academics, alumni and business participants.

The EBF Conference consists of two days, each with its own distinctive character. The first day will have an academic character, whereas the second day will be the traditional Conference Day.

The theme of this year’s Conference is the “(Dis)Connecting the World, trade-offs between collective and individual interests

International integration created endless opportunities, but simultaneously caused an unavoidable interdependency with a vulnerability for everyone that is part of the global ecosystem. What happens in one country inevitably affects what happens in another country, continuously changing fields of business, economics, politics, culture and environment. Value chains have become scattered all over the world, which created many possibilities to innovate and differentiate from competitors. Consequences of this far-reaching globalisation has brought many advantages and disadvantages to the world. This worldwide web of international trade increased complexity, raising questions about transparency, responsibility and trade policies. Current business leaders and politicians are forced to make important trade-offs between collective and individual interests to adapt to our increasing global and digital world. Considering the future, what direction should international cooperation take to achieve the best for profit, people and planet? Should we embrace the connection or prefer disconnection?

This year’s EBF Conference will elaborate on the following subthemes: Managing global trade, Doing well by doing good, Intrapreneurship: Innovative minds within corporates and New economic thinking.

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Invite yourself and fellow GDBC friends to be inspired, enlightened and indulged at this EBF Conference, organized through both the EBF and FEB.

Conference Day 

The Conference Day will take place at the Martini Plaza. This day you hear from keynote speakers such as Jan Kees de Jager, CFO KPN and former Minister of Finance, Fabrice Favero, CEO Nestle NL, Ad van Gils, CEO PwC, Hans de Jong, President Philips NL, Lesley Batchelor, Director-General Institute of Export and International Trade and Klaas Kruithof, CTO AkzoNobel.

During the Masterclasses you have the chance to hear from Bernard Kuiten, Head of External Relations World Tade Organization, Jackie Fast, entrepreneur, author and speaker, Toon van der Veer, Vice President People Europe AB InBev, and Roelie van Wijk-Russchen, Global Head of Responsible Business & Public Affairs Aegon Asset Management.

The final part of the day will inspire us with Marcel Molenaar, Country Manager LinkedIn Benelux who will give a motivational speech.

College Day

The first day of the EBF Conference will learn us all about: “New Economic Thinking”. First Prof. dr. D.J. Bezemer will give us an overview of some new forms of economic thinking. Furthermore we will have lectures from Menno Middeldorp, Chief Economist, Director Knowledge Development Rabobank, Kees Klomp and Nadine Maarhuis authors of the book about Purpose Economy and lastly there will be a panel discussion where experts in the field will give their opinions on Circular Economy. You can choose to sign up for both days or choose to join one of them.

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