Building digitainable organizations; aligning digitalization and sustainability in strategy and practice

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3 juni

15:00 – 17.30 uur

Both digitalization and sustainability are key strategic topics in any organization today. But it can be a challenge to successfully connect them in innovative ways in your own context. In this event we share the research findings of five projects that were carried out by students from the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. The students explored the context of five organizations in the North: CGI, IBM, Groningen Seaports, Martini Hospital and Province of Groningen.

In two workshop rounds you will be introduced in the cases by the students and their project sponsors, and you will also be supported in developing your own ideas to build “digitainable” organizations in the future. In addition, a keynote by Thijs Broekhuizen and a short discussion in the end will result in a full and inspirational afternoon.



15.00 Welcome and introduction from the studio by chairs of the meeting

15.10 Workshop round 1
• Workshop 1 Groningen Seaports – Digital platform for plastic waste flows
• Workshop 2 Province of Groningen – Be green, keep it on the screen!
• Workshop 3 CGI – Steps toward a hydrogeneration
• Workshop 4 IBM – Tackling the Issues of plastic waste – stepping towards a circular economy
• Workshop 5 Martini Hospital – Don’t waste time, do it online!

15.55 Keynote on digitalisation and sustainability
• Dr Thijs Broekhuizen, Associate professor Innovation and Technology Management

16.15 Workshop round 2
• Same 5 workshops, but extended with discussion on implementation in new contexts

17.15 – 17.30 Discussion in the studio and closing of the event

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Event Details

Event Details

Aanmelden kan tot en met 2 juni

Datum: 3 juni 2021

Aanvangstijd: 15:00 CEST

Eindtijd: 17:30 CEST

Locatie: Online (zie link in ticket)

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